Bitcoin (

tick below
19,112 USD

) fell below $19,000 on October 11, as a major support failed for the first time in a week.

Часовой свечной график BTC / USD (bit stamp). Install: TradingView
BTC шортит «в проироите» low таймфреймах
Portions of Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView for BTC/USD Buy on Bitstamp or Liquidity Memories for $18,962.

The subsequent recovery resulted in a return of $19,000, which remained unchanged for six hours. At the time of writing, the pair is trading at around $19,100.

Analyzing activity in the Binance order book, indicators of network analytics predict the approaching beginning of relatively volatile price behavior according to “increased order volume and whale activity.”

Further printing of the BTC/USD order book showed additional support in the $19,000-$19,200 range, which later turned out to be unreliable, given the price behavior.

аные книги заказов BTC / USD for состоянию on Oct 10 (Binance). Source: Существенные индикаторы / Twitter.
Such a popular trader. Крипто Тони firmly adhere to caution, preferring to open

“I am not persistent, I have not applied, but not available for competition”

“Every little bump, the majority become over-optimistic.” а мой глазд, плохой знак … ахай в происторите шорты ».

Annotated BTC/USD chart. Источник: Крипто Тони / Twitter
As reported by Cointelegraph, $19,000 remains a very impressive price area for those observing the market, which accounts for the overall overall cost basis by investor class.

Faith is maintained at a minimum June
When there was general agreement in favor of a new drop, those who believed that the last bitcoin macro – breaking $17,600 in June – were few and far between.

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Among them was the famous Crypto Kaleo trader, who claimed that the market was already in the “accumulation phase”, the accumulation phase.

Thus, those who demand that the fourth quarter of 2022 become a reversal of the 2022 bear bottom.

“I see more 2018 bear market fractal comparisons being used for this range, and I’m not very excited about that idea,” Kaleo commented:

“Now I’m looking, we have already seen this dangerous mess. We are in the stage of accumulation. Наценка застанет всех врасплох».

Source: CoinTelegraph