Crypto enthusiast Jim Blasco claims to have discovered “the oldest known official upload of Satoshi’s bitcoin code”, which was originally uploaded in August 2009.

On October 7, Blasco said he had found a token dating back to when Satoshi didn’t go public with bitcoin (

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) via a “browser hack” on the open source software development platform SourceForge, where the cryptocurrency was registered in November 2008. until July 22, 2009, etc. Like Hal [Vinnie]”, they were also mining.

“This particular download is believed to have been missing for at least 10 years, but after doing a little research on some of the old coins it was made from, I went to [SourceForge] and with a little browser hacking, I found the missing bitcoin v0. 1 raw data from 2012,” Blasko said. It was believed that the source code and files were gone because for some reason they were removed from the [SourceForge] search engine […] I did a few searches and was able to find the source code.”

According to two SourceForge links provided by Blasco, Satoshi’s personal notes included notes on why Bitcoin uses base 58 “instead of the standard base 64 encryption” and questions about how to deal with errors in the future.

Source: CoinTelegraph