The concept of the Metaverse has caught on in the past year, especially after social media giant Facebook rebranded itself as Meta. And while there have been a number of different virtual world projects released, interoperability and integration are still lacking. In general, users are provided with a virtual reality that is already formed for them. Not only that, limitations regarding protocols, integration, and use of NFTs still dominate the Metaverse sector.

However, in the true spirit of crypto and blockchain technology, innovative projects like Bluemoon are redefining what the Metaverse can be. By offering the executive role and decision-making to the user, Bluemoon allows Metaverse fans to shape their virtual reality from scratch. The platform will also feature an integrated NFT marketplace, allowing users to buy or sell just the right avatar or collect to complete their Metaverse vision.

Learn more about Bluemoon and its innovative approach to virtual worlds straight from the source in Cointelegraph’s exclusive pre-launch interview.


Build, customize and make executive decisions with ease
Bluemoon took shape as an idea in mid-2021, with the goal of helping individual and enterprise users create just the right virtual space. While Sandbox and Decentraland were taking the crypto space by storm, Bluemoon was in its early stages of development, harnessing big ideas for a revolution.

Q: What makes Bluemoon different from other metaverse projects?

Bluemoon was developed to be the easiest to use metaverse. We’ve seen many metaverse projects trying to wow viewers with their visuals. However, these are actually gaming experiences that anyone can do pretty quickly these days.

We didn’t go that route, we decided to build a metaverse that users can easily join with just a few taps and on almost any smart device, including VR headsets. We can quickly develop a custom metaverse solution specifically for brands and companies that want to take advantage of our metaverse technologies. Within the metaverse, you can offer e-commerce, DeFi services, host meetings and events, as well as game streaming, and much more.

Q: How will users build their metaverse experience?

Bluemoon will provide the platform and tools to quickly create custom social spaces from pre-made templates or exclusive meta space drops. In the future, the platform will also allow users to create their own custom spaces from scratch using the MetaPro editor.


Bringing NFT trading to the Metaverse
Virtual spaces and NFTs are the building blocks of the Metaverse. Avatars, digital identities, in-game collectibles, and a virtual land are all non-fungible tokens issued on the blockchain. Since these two sectors are so intertwined, Bluemoon takes on the task of integrating NFT trading directly into the Metaverse.

Q: How do NFTs relate to the Bluemoon vision?

Within Bluemoon, users will be able to view their NFTs on screen and also have NFTs automatically listed on several NFT marketplaces, including the Bluemoon Marketplace. It will allow visitors to buy, sell, rent, swap and compare NFTs on a single platform. Guest users who join the space will be able to purchase or bid for NFTs directly in the Metaverse.

In the metaverse itself, all space will be an actual NFT, and for those who also believe in exclusive Earth, this will come in the form of an NFT. Metaverse assets will be sold as NFTs, allowing users to customize their metaverse spaces.

Moreover, users will also be able to authenticate access to specific metaverse spaces via tokens and NFT! For example, if you want to set up a weekly business meetup with a members-only community, we can help you design the room and only let in users with NFT memberships.

Source: CoinTelegraph