Are you dying to mint a piece of cryptographic history as a digital collection? It’s almost time. After gathering a waitlist of over 400,000 participants, delaying the launch but more fairly, Cointelegraph’s Historical nonfungible token (NFT) pool opened on November 23 for waitlists and will launch on December 1 for the general public.

Although the crypto and blockchain space is relatively new in terms of world history, a number of memorable events have drawn memorable headlines over the years. The Cointelegraph Historical Collection gives the public a chance to look back on the history of Cointelegraph articles and immortalize those who wish to own or trade them, turning them into digital collectibles. Fans are already looking forward to some of the Cointelegraph NFT articles on the OpenSea digital marketplace, while others are piecing together multiple bits into indestructible token pools.

On October 14th, Cointelegraph unveiled Cointelegraph Historical – an NFT collection that allows people to select and craft past Cointelegraph articles from its history as digital collectibles that they can own and trade. As of November 23rd, the 500 people who join the waitlist for the first time have full access to minting their favorite articles on Cointelegraph as NFTs. An additional pool of 500 of the best referrals can now get their shot at the event. The full public launch will take place on December 1.

Check out Cointelegraph’s historical group page

Cointelegraph Historical Collection was developed with the help of Mintmade. As part of the pre-launch process, Mintmade awarded a token called “mintpoints” to people who completed specific tasks. These tokens give their holders the ability to issue free collectible digital articles in the form of Cointelegraph. Otherwise, the cost of coining the article starts at $20, with a limited number of each article available on Cointelegraph.

Readers interested in Cointelegraph’s NFT product have already started speaking in the historical section of Cointelegraph’s Discord channel.

Not on a waiting list but want to be ready for December 1st? Browse the website and pre-select articles that would make good digital collectibles, then go ahead and mint them when the full launch goes live.

Source: CoinTelegraph