While one of the stars of the show was a talking robot, human interaction was still the main event of the Dubai Blockchain Economy Summit 2022, which was recently held at the Le Meridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Center.

Titan, an 8-foot-tall talking robot previously spotted at the 2022 UK Talent Competition, was one of the main attractions of the event. At the beginning of the event, the robot introduced itself as a transformer and at different times mixed with the audience.

Robot Titan welcomes the participants of the event
Cointelegraph participated in various aspects of the event, including interviewing keynote speakers such as Bitcoin.com CEO Dennis Jarvis and former NFL player Lewis Neal. In addition, Satoshi Solutions co-founder Clayton Bollum and Codego CEO Simona Binotto Torre shared their thoughts on topics such as crypto employment and crypto credit cards.

In addition to fruitful discussions with subject matter experts, Cointelegraph also took the opportunity to speak with attendees to find out what they thought of the event. Delegate Angela de Mesa was surprised by the number of attendees at the event as the UAE recently eased COVID-19 restrictions and allowed people to take off their masks in public. “You know, seeing so many people interacting with each other without masks limiting them is a breath of fresh air,” she added.

Angela de Mesa shares her thoughts with Cointelegraph reporter Ezra Reguera.
Naveen Solanki, one of the attendees from India, also commented on the event. According to Solanka, the event is great for creating your own crypto network. Comparing the event to events he attended in Thailand and Singapore, Solanki believes there are more opportunities for networking at Blockchain Economy Dubai 2022.

While some were pleased with the event, others said there was still room for improvement. Event delegate Foose Ragab told Cointelegraph that she was a bit disappointed with the event. “I don’t see as much innovation as we saw at AIBC or other crypto events. So I’m a little disappointed,” she says.

Yasmin, one of the participants who traveled all the way from Iran, also shared her notes about the event. According to the delegate, since the event is a blockchain and cryptocurrency, the organizers should allow crypto payments for tickets to the event. This explained:

“They should accept cryptocurrency as money to buy tickets, at least USDT. This is very important, because if you don’t accept Tether or any other cryptocurrency, why are you sponsoring a blockchain workshop?”
In addition to interviews with experts and contributors, Cointelegraph also took part in a panel discussion on the topic of decentralized financial security (DeFi) and the hacks that have been taking place in this space throughout the year. Speakers Mohamed Issa of Chainalysis, Alex Mehrer of Fitburn, and Giorgio Torre of the Big 4 in Qatar emphasized that for DeFi to become more widespread, educating community members and regulators is an important step.

Panel Discussion on Decentralized Finance Hack and Security
All things considered, the highlight of the event was networking and interaction with like-minded people in the blockchain community. The Dubai Blockchain Economy Summit 2022 showed that Dubai is indeed a global cryptocurrency hub where delegates come from all over the world to interact and interact with others in the crypto space.

Source: CoinTelegraph