The turmoil in the crypto market can be a very busy time for support staff at crypto exchanges as companies increase headcount just to meet demand during a boom.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Alex Harper, co-founder and CEO of Australian cryptocurrency exchange SwyftX, said: “Whatever your role […] no one was above customer support at Swyft.”

He said he, along with HR staff and the CFO, sometimes had to work late into the night to help customer support teams when markets were going badly, explaining:

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Harper explained that SwyftX is aiming for a two-minute response time “with our customers’ need to answer questions and understand things.”

He also noted that customer staff now make up over a third of the staff, making it possible to offer 24/7 support.

Binance Australia CEO Lee Travers told Cointelegraph that Binance’s customer support team has “expanded” to keep up with consumer demand, and given the availability of the new cryptocurrency even to those in the help desk, investing in training and development is a priority.

Travers suggested that the customer support departments should be a priority within the company, calling it “the window to the entire Binance platform”, and recognized their work as critical to the company’s success:

“Team leaders and area managers participate in a user-centric training program to understand the role of customer service, protect users, and gain first-hand customer experience.”
Travers attributed this to unexpected events in the crypto market, such as Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) and TerraUSD Classic (UST), which caused a significant “surge” in demand for customer support; It is imperative that the customer support team is always ready for a large influx of customer requests.

Travers said he also jumped behind the Binance chat support platform and “responds directly to user queries” to better understand how it works behind the scenes, adding that it was an important part of providing customer support.

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Travers explained that when markets stabilize, support staff use the downtime to take advantage of “quieter times” to create “explained blogs and Q&As to provide more accessible information to users.”

He added that the setup process can be the most demanding for support staff “regardless of market conditions, including whether it’s bull or bear” and their customers always want to be on board quickly and efficiently.

Source: CoinTelegraph