In the rapidly expanding world of NFT games, new projects are racing to redefine what can be done within the games themselves and in the broader economic ecosystem in which these games exist. One of the new projects, Tachyon Domination, takes the arena into space, inviting users to compete with each other for galactic supremacy while offering many opportunities to win for their efforts.

Tachyon Domination has taken a somewhat unusual approach to blockchain gaming. Instead of requiring players to purchase access to the game via NFTs or tokens, the game is free to play. Players are transported about 300 years into the future when scientists have discovered a new, remarkably powerful mineral that allows people to travel faster than the speed of light.

The game is an RPG where players choose their character type and the type of weapon they will use and then compete for rewards issued in the game’s original TADT governance token $TADT. We were able to speak with the game’s CEO, Mustafa Sayed, to get an inside look at what makes Tachyon Domination unique and what players should look forward to.


Where did the idea of Tachydon dominance come from?
Our vision is to build a community-driven, free-to-play, play-to-earn, role-playing game with no entry barriers that enables mass adoption.

Many projects in the NFT gaming market wanted to make money quickly. We simply wanted to make a game, without empty promises or false advertisements. We wanted this to be something that people would love, appreciate and really enjoy.

What are the influences of science fiction or fantasy in the game?
We were affected by a number of things during the development of the game. Some are crypto games, others are mobile games. Naturally, when creating your own game, you’ll want to see how the crypto game pioneers did it. Axie Infinity and Gala were some of our role models. Their mission was to provide equity to all Internet users, starting with gamers, bringing people together to play, work, and form lifelong connections.

Why did you choose to make the game free?
We want people to explore the world in their own unique ways, encourage creativity and use their imagination. Tachyon Domination will always be free to play, allowing players to earn tradable currency without making any financial investments. Their time and talent will be their only investment. Those who wish to attend our events and get premium benefits can purchase our NFTs during public sales or on the secondary markets. There will be distinct advantages and benefits for NFT holders. However, all game features are available to players who do not purchase our NFTs.

What will holders of the $TADT governance token be able to do? Will the game contain DAO?
$TADT token holders will be able to claim rewards by playing the game and participating in governance votes. It is also worth noting that players will be able to earn $TADT just by playing the game. Players earn points for completing various tasks and activities in the game, but NFT holders get additional points. And in terms of the future of the project, yes, token holders will benefit and have the power to make decisions, like the DAO.


What role will NFTs play in the game and the game’s economic system?
NFTs will play a huge role in the game and its economic ecosystem. This is because NFTs are unique digital assets that can be traded, bought and sold on the blockchain. They can represent in-game items, such as weapons, armor, or clothing.

Additionally, NFTs can also be used as rewards for players who complete certain in-game tasks. This means that players who complete missions will receive a reward in the form of an NFT token which they can then use for other in-game things or sell in an exchange for money outside the game.

What are some of the key events in your roadmap for the coming year?
Over the next 12 months, we will have multiple sales and airdrops of NFTs and tokens, which will take place over five seasons. Plus game upgrades and more versions of Mechs.

What do you think makes Tachyon Domination unique among NFT games?
Tachyon Domination has several features that make it unique.

First, we have an amazing team of developers and artists working together to make something fun, exciting and interactive. We want players to feel like they are in our world, interacting with their friends and exploring the world around them.

Secondly, we are completely free to play (F2P). You can play Tachyon Domination without ever spending any money – just by logging in and enjoying! And if you want more from the game? We will have premium features available for purchase using NFT tokens or fiat currency (USD). But even if you don’t spend any money, you’ll still be able to explore our world, collect resources from monsters and creatures, and upgrade your character’s abilities by completing quests…

Source: CoinTelegraph