A Bitcoin (BTC) evangelist in Lebanon has taken his passion for Bitcoin to the next level. Saeed Nassar, an international business engineer, designed his wedding day around Satoshi Nakamoto’s innovation, Bitcoin.

Each wedding guest received Satoshis (the smallest denomination of Bitcoin) as a wedding gift for a special day for the Nassar family, while the wedding theme was volcanoes – a reference to Bitcoin bonds in El Salvador, known as Volcano Bonds.

The Bitcoin volcano followed the wedding. Source: Nassar
Nassar told Cointelegraph that he placed a volcano stand at the wedding and distributed gifts via the Lightning Network. In fact, under all the cutlery prepared for the after-party were instructions to download a Bitcoin Lightning Network wallet to receive 4,000 satoshis. The gift is now worth about $0.80 – due to the downward price movement – at the time of the wedding, the gift was worth $1.60.

wedding gift thank you Source: Nassar
The link took the wedding guest to a comprehensive YouTube video explaining how to set up a wallet and why people should buy Bitcoin. Of the 250 people who received satoshi wedding gifts, 75 downloaded wallets and asked Nassar to send more than 4,000 satoshis – this was the first time these people received bitcoin.

With a 30% success rate, his method of promoting Bitcoin adoption is high given that worldwide Bitcoin adoption may only reach 10% by 2030. In addition, Nassar qualifies, “All [the wedding guests] have seen and thought about it.” .”

QR code thank you gifts in red circles. Source: Nassar
Nassar is an avid Bitcoin advocate. So naturally, his wedding day would be the perfect time to take an “orange pill” or educate more people about the importance of Bitcoin. He’s the mastermind behind Lebanon’s first Bitcoin-themed escape room and laughs that he has a half hour limit to talk about non-Bitcoin topics when making acquaintances:

“I try to explain monetary policies and what is mandatory money to everyone I meet for longer than 30 minutes.”
Curiously enough, Twitter user Stackmore also treats weddings as the perfect time to start a family and start piling on weddings. Stackmore Satoshis have been sending out wedding gifts for the past five years:

And in Lebanon, Nassar’s home, inflation exceeded 200% in January of this year. By way of comparison, Bitcoin has a fixed supply of 21 million coins and benefits from a programmed issue rate that makes the currency deflationary.

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Despite calls from top executives to avoid buying Bitcoin in Lebanon, groups like Al Jazeera have reported that Bitcoin adoption is booming in the country. For Nassar, it is important to start with family and friends because “Hyperbitcoinzation starts at home.” He has already given his closest and dearest to Bitcoin:

“All of my close friends and family members have bought bitcoin, and my mom is a full-fledged currency.”
How about you, now? Do you love Bitcoin enough to carve out your special days around the currency?

Source: CoinTelegraph