While other traders may rush to take profits as soon as they see gains, some are willing to hold their digital assets until they can pursue bigger goals, such as a “mega yacht.”

In a Twitter thread, Mintable founder Zach Burks shared how he found Web3 and went from being crippled and out of work to establishing a non-perishable token (NFT) marketplace. According to Burks, he found Bitcoin (BTC) when it was just trading at $5.50 on the now defunct cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox in 2012.

Since then, Burks has continued to buy and trade cryptocurrencies. At one point, the founder of Mintable shared that he switched from trading BTC to accumulating Ether (ETH). “My goal was just to collect ETH and never sell so I could buy a mega yacht. I still haven’t cashed in.”

Eventually, Birx said he realized he wanted to become a developer for Solidity. He started learning, joining the hackathon, testing contracts and working in this sector. By then, he indicated that he had become financially independent three years after his debut.

The NFT expert then moved to Thailand to build Mintable, and in 2017, he lost an opportunity to claim CryptoPunk. After that, he invested in Cryptokitties and fell in love with NFTs.

Fast forward to the present, the CEO explained that the Mintable NFT market is now worth hundreds of millions with an ever-growing team. Finally, Birx offered some advice to others. “Take chances. Never sell your cryptocurrency. Learn to use your brain,” he tweeted.

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Meanwhile, even as NFT prices for high profile groups drop, investors who own NFTs continue to grow. According to the NFT statistics website, nearly 500,000 users became NFT holders in June and July.

Source: CoinTelegraph