We’re all familiar with the concept of playing to win – but now, there’s an exciting new cryptocurrency trend on the block: gig to win.

But what exactly does the earning party mean…and how is it different?

In Cointelegraph’s latest live AMA, we’re joined by three experts from the world of electronic music. They’ll tell us how this vibrant genre can thrive in the Metaverse – and attract a new set of fans in the 21st century – with a project called Klubcoin.

Stefan Schweitzer, CEO of ClubbingTV, will be on hand to answer your questions during the broadcast – together with the company’s COO Laureline Teste Wyrich. Rounding out the trio is TheList and Klubcoin CMO, Ivor Visković. It will be a fast-paced and immersive discussion chaired by Cointelegraph journalist Rachel Wolfson.

Explore the future
We’ve already seen how NFTs have changed the art world — with a new crop of digital creators coming to the fore.

The AMA will delve into how it’s changing the face of electronic music, too. Just imagine if crypto collectibles could be used to give fans exclusive privileges – bringing them even closer to their favorite artists. Some other opportunities only include limited edition merchandise from festivals and memorable gigs – a permanent digital keepsake that says “I was there.”

The KlubCoin team will also explain how their token adds value to its holders – and creates a new payment method accepted by nightclubs, festivals, ticketing platforms, live broadcasts and consumer electronics brands. While loyalty programs have been popular for decades, they are often in dire need of an update. Throughout the AMA, we’ll explore how cryptocurrency can bring this concept into the 21st century – and offer targeted rewards that electronic music fans will actually benefit from.

Learn the lessons
Cointelegraph’s AMA isn’t just an opportunity to take your questions to some of the most exciting innovators in the industry – it’s a chance to dive deeper into some of the challenges they face, and how they were overcome.

Stefan will tell us about his experience creating an electronic music-focused icon, and give insight into the process of spreading it across multiple regions. We’ll also find out what’s next for Klubcoin – and dive into the upcoming milestones on their roadmap.

Is there anything else you’d like to know? Make sure you join the YouTube chat room and ask your questions there.

Klubcoin’s live AMA takes place this Friday at 12 PM ET (4 PM UTC). Go to Cointelegraph’s YouTube page and smash the like and subscribe buttons for all future videos and updates.

Source: CoinTelegraph