The idea of ​​Web3 has caught on among commercial web developers in recent years. Modern business models emphasize the importance of transcending Web2 and discovering new ways to manage, organize, and create meaning from the vast amount of user-generated data, even though the ideas of today’s web development remain vague and unclear.

The Semantic Web is often associated with the concept of Web3 as the business strategies and web developers who envisioned it. Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, first proposed this idea in 1999. He saw the potential for robots to “talk to each other” and understand and extract meaning from semantic data.

However, businesses and computer scientists are creating smaller and more portable applications that use crowdsourcing to organize data on the Internet and the interactive features of Web2. As a result, Web3 and blockchain developers (developers) are in demand in the cryptocurrency and Metaverse market.

This article explains what skills you need to acquire for Web3, why Web3 development is important, how to learn Web3 development, and Web3 developer salaries.

What is Web3 development?
The world has changed thanks to a series of simultaneous technological developments. For example, older computers were designed solely as calculators; However, internet marketing has given rise to Web3 technologies such as blockchain, which are all the rage right now. Web3 development refers to the practice of building decentralized applications (DApps) that run on blockchains.

In addition, cryptocurrencies are widely accepted in many decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. However, network members willing to participate in the development, operation, contribution or improvement of DeFi projects are rewarded in the form of crypto tokens.

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In contrast, Web3 developers are experts in mathematics, computer science, and blockchain development and know how to use technology to create secure digital assets. In addition, they are able to create smart contracts for various areas, including real estate, healthcare, and finance. But how do you get started working on Web3?

The blockchain industry requires savvy developers who understand blockchain technology and have exceptional problem-solving, creativity, and communication skills. In addition, computer engineers should be familiar with the Solidity programming language, which is used to develop smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. But what other programming languages ​​are used in Web3? Blockchain engineers also need to know C++ or JavaScript in order to write smart contracts.

Where can you learn Web3 development?
Due to the high salaries of Web3 developers in the blockchain sector, many aspiring Web2 developers want to learn Web3 development. There are different ways to get Web3 skills, as described in the sections below.

Follow blockchain and cryptocurrency veterans on Twitter.
To start your journey into Web3 and Metaverse, follow seasoned blockchain experts and cryptocurrency influencers on Twitter to learn about the types of projects they are working on. For example, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and Ethereum core developer Tim Beiko are constantly sharing news about the Ethereum blockchain. By following them, one can keep abreast of trends in the blockchain industry.

Subscribe to encrypted newsletters and YouTube channels
Also, subscribe to programming newsletters for the Web3 tools you need, and YouTube channels like Smart Contract Programmer or Patrick Collins to learn Web3 development for free.

Join a Web3 DAO Developer or Discord Server
You can discover Web3 developer communities by joining a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) or a Discord server. Developer-focused DAOs are often looking for volunteers to collaborate on DApps or decentralized governance related solutions.

Likewise, the ideal way to get involved and start developing your own blockchain wallet is to contribute to the Web3 Discord server, for example by responding to user requests. Access to learning materials, such as Web3 tutorials for beginners, can also be made easier by joining the #events, #jobs, and #resources channels available on many of these servers.

Sign up for Web3 Developer or Blockchain courses
Learning from experienced instructors in free or paid courses can help you learn the basics or improve your developmental skills. For example, the University of Nicosia offers free courses such as Introduction to Decentralized Finance, which teaches the basics of DeFi, as well as a new suite of DeFi and Out-of-DeFi applications.

Source: CoinTelegraph