Non-fungible tokens (NFT) have been on the rise lately, and for good reason. Non-fungible tokens are a new form of asset that can represent anything from digital art to game items and are stored on a blockchain ledger. This means that NFTs are unique, immutable and transparent.

People collect NFTs for a variety of reasons, including art appreciation, value speculation, and games like Decentraland or Cryptokitties based on blockchain technology.

There are many potential reasons for the popularity of NFTs, and different people will have different reasons for investing in them. Ethereum has become a popular network for creating these tokens, with the ERC-721 token standard being the most popular in the space. However, this resulted in significant network congestion, exorbitant fees and slow transaction processing times. Consequently, other blockchains have started offering their own NFT solutions.

One such solution is the Solana blockchain, which offers high throughput capable of processing thousands of transactions per second. Solana has launched its own NFT standard called SolSea which allows NFTs to be created quickly and easily. This guide will show you how to use NFT to Solana, specifically SolSea, the largest NFT marketplace on the web.

What is the NFT SDK and how does it work?
NFT minting refers to the process of converting any type of digital data into a blockchain-based virtual pool. Almost all digital files can be encoded – MP3, WAV, GIF, JPEG, etc. Digital products or files will be stored in a distributed ledger or decentralized database and cannot be changed, updated or deleted.

The process of adding an element to the blockchain is known as coining. This is similar to how a coin is made in real life. So how long does it take to create an NFT? It is difficult to give an exact number, as it depends on the complexity of the file and the speed of the blockchain network. However, most NFT platforms, tools and marketplaces make it easy to create an NFT.

How does SDNFT work? NFT mining usually begins with the promoter choosing a market or platform for NFT. In this post, let’s see how to create an NFT on Solana SolSea.

How is NFT injected into Solana SolSea?
Before we dive into how Solana NFTs are minted, let’s quickly get to what Solana SolSea is. Solana SolSea is an open, decentralized marketplace for durable tokens that is cheaper, faster and more user-friendly than existing marketplaces such as OpenSea. It is more attractive to non-fungible token generators due to lower costs, fast transaction times and user-friendly interface.

SolSea NFTs are much cheaper compared to Ethereum-based NFTs because they do not incur high transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain.

SolSea NFT Mining Guide: Step by Step
Install Phantom
Phantom is a cryptocurrency wallet and browser extension. It is often referred to as MetaMask of Solana due to similar features and functions. Go to and download and install it as an extension for your favorite browser.

Install Phantom as a browser extension

Create a new wallet
Once installed, the Phantom icon will appear above the extension’s right button. Click the icon and follow the instructions to create a new wallet. The code redirects the user to a new page to continue with the wallet creation process.

Create a new wallet

The user is provided with a secret recovery phrase that can be used to restore the Phantom account if they need to reinstall it on another device. If this phrase is lost or misspelled, the wallet cannot be recovered and the user can lose their money, making this step the most important part of creating a wallet. Therefore, it is very important to keep the recovery phrase in a safe and secure place. Phantom will be added to your browser upon completion. It can be accessed by clicking on the Phantom logo in the menu bar.

Source: CoinTelegraph