YouTuber Logan Paul has threatened to sue fellow YouTuber and internet whistleblower Coffeezilla for defamation after he accused Paul’s non-fungible CryptoZoo (NFT) project of being a “scam.”

The two have been battling it back and forth on both social media and YouTube videos since December 17, when Stephen Findizen — aka Coffeezilla — launched the first of a three-part video series attacking CryptoZoo and Paul, who was the face of CryptoZoo. The project.

“CryptoZoo was supposed to be a fun blockchain game that could make you money […] but millions of dollars of investor money later, things are still broken,” he said.

In his most recent response, Logan Paul posted a YouTube video on Jan. 4 accusing the online investigator of having “led a charge of driving and investing a narrative telling millions of people that I was a fraud or tried to cheat my audience.”

He also accused Kovezilla of doing so without verifying any background information or proving any evidence, adding that he “took the words of multiple criminals as truth and against the laws, and still spread defamation,” adding:

“I’ll see you in court.”
CryptoZoo is an NFT game that aims to allow “ZooKeepers” to purchase NFT eggs using the original game token ZOO. These eggs are then hatched into animals that can be bred to create hybrid animals.

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The hybrids were intended to be tradable and to provide ZooKeepers with a ZOO, with Paul describing the project in his August 21, 2021, podcast as “a really fun game that makes you money”.

Additionally, Paul suggested that the game’s art be “hand-made” by 10 different artists over the course of six months.

Hybrid images were the focus of Coffeezilla’s September 11, 2021 video where he described the images as “a collection of badly edited Adobe stock images.”

However, the CryptoZoo blog has not posted any new content since April 20, leading some to believe that development of the project has stalled.

During Coffeezilla’s three-part series on CryptoZoo, the YouTuber interviewed alleged investors of the project. One investor, who claimed to still hold the eggs, called on the CryptoZoo team to “compensate their loyal fans or try to rebuild the project.”

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However, in their latest video, Paul said that they will “continue to build CryptoZoo,” as he shared a teaser indicating that it will be coming in 2023/2024.

“Trust me, CryptoZoo is coming, and I will absolutely make sure of it.”
Kovezilla continued to question the veracity of these claims on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Paul and Coffeezilla have invited each other to discuss the matter on their respective platforms, but both have yet to accept an invitation.

According to CoinMarketCap, the Zoo token is down 99.5% over the past year, despite some gains over the past week following recent media attention.

Paul has been a big supporter of crypto and NFTs throughout 2021 and was a key promoter of crypto token Dink Doink (DINK) prior to launching CryptoZoo. Kovezilla also criticized Dink Doink in a video dated July 12, 2021.

Source: CoinTelegraph