A multi-chain market that focuses entirely on non-fungible symbols related to music is preparing to launch in a matter of weeks.

Centaurify says it is determined to empower musicians with the opportunity to make the most of Web3 – all while bringing them closer to fans.

Ethereum and Solana will be supported initially, with more networks included in later versions.

Another important Centaurify producer will focus on issuing tickets for live music events such as NFTs. Executives firmly believe that this would eliminate counterfeits, prevent “speculative” practices that raise prices for everyone, and ensure that artists and organizers receive revenue whenever tickets are sold in secondary markets.

With such cutting-edge startups, it is critical that leadership has credibility – and connections to transform the ways in which a multi-billion dollar industry operates. Centaurify ticks this box because of how it was founded by Martin Danielle Bjercke – an award-winning DJ who has amassed a billion streams, signed by some of the biggest record labels in the world, and featured as a judge and mentor on The Voice.

Music World NFT
Centaurify’s passion and belief in her business model is clear – she wants to give fans an irresistible chance to become “a part of the next generation music scene,” joining an exclusive club where they stand shoulder to shoulder with the stars.

The project told Cointelegraph: “Music is an essential part of our lives. Music is inspiring. Musical comforts. Music motivates. Music can even reduce anxiety, blood pressure and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness and memory.”

“Unfortunately today, only a few musicians can make a reasonably good living by broadcasting their work due to low bribery from music platforms – which prevents them from doing what we all love: creating new music.

“Centaurify is here to empower musicians and fans once again by integrating artists into Web3. Our NFT Marketplace is the first starting point for the music revolution.”

The startup was founded just under a year ago, and since then, it has been working tirelessly to bring its vision to life.

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moshpits metaverse
But there is a lot more to where that came from. Centaurify recently partnered with augmented reality company PictoryTale — and together they will host AR parties that NFT holders can attend. Gigs can be viewed through smartphones, and according to the executives, you’ll feel like the concert is taking place in your living room…live.

Music has often been touted as one of the most compelling use cases for metaverses, not least because it can offer an immersive experience and unlimited capacity when compared to older stadiums. Earlier this year, JPMorgan estimated that these virtual worlds could reach $1 trillion.

Focusing on the present, Centaurify is preparing to launch its own NFT suite called Access All Areas – or AAA for short. This will provide a large number of perks to its owners, including eliminating minting fees, listing and selling cryptocurrency holdings that will be found on its platform. On top of that, they’ll also get early access to prominent prizes – and gold tickets that invite them to exclusive physical and virtual events.

A total of 5,000 NFTs will be available – and will be minted in four phases from September 29 to October 2.

CDs killed cassette tapes, video killed the radio star, and Spotify changed the way we consume music forever. Now, Centaurify firmly believes that it is in a prime position to take center stage and drive the industry to the next level.

Source: CoinTelegraph