Online forums are integral to the Bitcoin origin story, where Satoshi Nakamoto and early contributors collaborated to discuss and build a disruptive financial system from scratch. One of the oldest Bitcoin forums — — still preserves historical discussions around the creation of Bitcoin.

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Logo and payment system.

A curious member of the forum recently attempted to identify Bitcoin miners from the early days. To their surprise, an anonymous member shared a signature in January 2009, a week after Bitcoin came into existence.

The oldest Bitcoin signature shared by OneSignature. Source:
“Maybe OP is inviting Satoshi?” Another member was questioned after confirming the legitimacy of the “oldest signature” found to date. Adding to the mystery, the signature was posted by a newly created account on November 26, 2022 under the alias OneSignature.

Cointelegraph confirmed the validity of the signature. Source:
OneSignature’s account history shows no further engagement on the forum, thus confirming that its creation was intended to show only the oldest signed message. Digging deeper into the username reveals a secure Twitter account, created in October 2009.

OneSignature User’s Twitter account. Source: Twitter
Cointelegraph confirmed that the address used by the mysterious poster has no balance. The disclosure of a signature that predates Bitcoin’s origination period confirms that those involved in building Bitcoin’s legacy keep a close eye on the ecosystem, periodically feeding the curiosity of the general public.

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Despite decade-long regulatory hurdles and long bear markets, Bitcoin has always managed to come out on top. However, the fall in Bitcoin prices has added stress to the mining ecosystem.

Bitcoin mining revenue in US dollar terms is currently at a two-year low, having fallen to $11.67 million, which was last seen on November 2, 2020.

Source: CoinTelegraph