As brands focus on creating new use cases during the bear market, the team has developed a combination of non-perishable tokens (NFTs) and Near Field Communication (NFC) chips to improve the user experience.

In an interview with Cointelegraph’s Alyssa Exposito, RTFKT co-founder Steven Vassiliev shared his experience building RTFKT and offered ideas on how to build an authenticity ecosystem with NFTs and NFC technology.

When their team created the RTFKT project, Vasiliev says they realized that NFT and blockchain technology could improve the experience of collectors. He explained that:

“We have seen that NFTs and blockchain technology can create a better experience for collectors in terms of authentication as well as transparency of source, scarcity and purchase.”
With a background in fashion and culture, the founders decided to apply this technology to brands, as seen with CloneX Forging. In addition to connecting brands to NFT, the team has also used NFC chips to add additional features to their products. Vasiliev said:

“We believe very strongly in the massive adoption of NFC technology because of the various possibilities that can be unlocked with it. Therefore, we are very excited to present it and start demonstrating our vision of what is possible with this technology.”

Source: CoinTelegraph