OpenSea has officially opened support for the Avalanche blockchain, providing greater access to network non-fungible (NFT) token projects and faster transactions for OpenSea users.

The Avalanche team noted in a blog post on October 12 that about 10 of the network’s NFT projects have initially been listed on OpenSea, and more will be added.

“With Avalanche, OpenSea users will benefit from faster NFT trade execution times – typical transaction settlements in less than a second – and consistently lower transaction fees as a result of Avalanche’s success in scaling with subnets,” the post said.

Avalanche NFT Collections: OpenSea
Avalanche currently ranks as the ninth largest blockchain in 24-hour NFT sales at just $75,690 and seventh in sales ever at $404 million, according to CryptoSlam data.

Notably, the 24-hour figure is very low compared to Ethereum, Solana, and ImmutableX, which were $6.8 million, $1.5 million and $662,335 respectively during the period, even though the avalanche saw the largest increase in volume in a while. Recently. 24 hours at 151%.

The team also noted that avalanche activity in the NFT market has grown significantly this year, with NFT sales up 180% since the second quarter.

Integration with OpenSea can also give insight into much-needed Avalanche NFT projects, as no project from the network has been in the top 100 by NFT sales in the last 24 hours, seven days, 30 days, or all of the time. sales indicator.

Besides Avalanche, OpenSea also supports Ethereum, Klaytn, Polygon, and Solana.

Sees dead feet on the horizon
Mark Zuckerberg’s virtual reality company Meta has announced that avatars on the Meta Horizon World metaverse platform will appear soon.

Legs soon! are you excited?

– Meta Horizon (@MetaHorizon) October 11, 2022
In their current form, the Meta tokens were supposed to suffer without their lower half, and instead roam the virtual realm of Tsuka.

However, the announcement of a new product from Meta overshadowed the news, with the launch of the Meta Quest VR headset scheduled for October 25.

The stylish headset will retail for $1,499 and offer “next-generation optics” and “premium comfort.” While it’s unclear whether the company will include NFT integration in its metaverse at this point, Zuckerberg suggested this week during the Meta Connect conference that what he’s really aiming for is to create an open and interoperable platform. Instagram Meta in particular has implemented NFT support.

“I strongly believe that an open and interoperable Metaverse built by many different developers and companies will be best for everyone,” he said.

The virtual reality revolution continues. We’ve built a brand new, innovative headset designed for productivity, creativity, and collaboration. This is the Meta Quest Pro available in version 10.25. Pre-order today.

– Meta Quest (@MetaQuestVR) October 11, 2022
DeGod’s Next Experience
Solana-based NFT DeGods project revealed its “next trial” by introducing a 0% ownership policy for trading NFT tOObs, yOOts and DeGods.

As of October 9, the project has reduced resale revenue for its collections from 9.99% to 0%, and the team reveals via Twitter that they are looking at new ways to launch their NFT projects in the future:

“We continue to believe that royalties are an incredible use case for NFTs. We will continue to support authors who want to find solutions to levy royalties. We believe this is the best solution for our business at the moment. It is time for a new emergence approaching.”
yOOts mint tOOb has been the most successful project to date, with sales of $753,115 since its launch in September. Community members question why the project is cutting off an important revenue stream with the royalties removed, while the reasons for the move aren’t entirely clear.

This solution is not good for space. In the short term, teams have seed money, but long-term fees are the main incentive for teams to stay active, motivated, and able to grow and hire people in place.

DeGods where they are due to royalties.

– hⓨxtt (@hyxttcrypto) October 9, 2022
New Doubtful Promo for IHOP NFT
American fast food chain IHOP has boldly added a new item to its menu, using “NFT” in its ad title to grab attention online.

Source: CoinTelegraph