OpenSea, the digital marketplace for cryptocurrency collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has launched a new initiative to make it easier for creators to create and distribute NFTs in the marketplace.

As part of this new overarching initiative, content creators will be able to launch their NFT collections on customizable and dedicated drop pages, which the company hopes will allow for more visibility and discovery on the new homepage of the marketplace. Within the customizable drop-down pages, creators will now be able to share photos and videos, provide team details, detailed roadmaps and more. According to the advertisement:

The drop pages will include information about the drop, minting schedule, countdown clock, and of course the NFT gallery. We will also allow collectors to set alerts via email or add them to their calendar to remind them when to return to the mint app.”
Projects that drop into OpenSea will also have access to SeaDrop, a new secure open source smart contract that will facilitate the drop experience, saving the time and technologies involved in creating their own custom smart contracts. Share OpenSea:

“Developing a secure smart contract that can coordinate multi-phase drop operations is one of the most important and technically complex elements, and content creators can now skip this step entirely with SeaDrop.”
In August, Cointelegraph reported that OpenSea’s volume had plummeted, with massive daily and monthly transaction drops on the platform. The market went from processing $405.75 million worth of transactions on May 1 to processing just $5 million worth of NFT transactions on August 28.

Source: CoinTelegraph