FTX founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has shared details about how his firm will approach an acquisition of Celsius’ assets.

The comments come in light of FTX US snapping up bankrupt crypto lender Voyager Digital’s assets for $1.3 billion via auction last week and a recent report that FTX was also considering a bid for Celsius’ assets.

Responding to a tweet from BnkToTheFuture founder Simon Dixon alleging that FTX “raised $32 billion worth of financing” to buy Celsius’ assets for “cents on the dollar,” Bankman-Fried clarified that the firm’s bid has been determined to “fair market”. price, no discounts.”

Bankman-Fried said the company’s goal “is not to make money buying assets for cents on the dollar,” and instead focuses on making customers whole again, saying:

“[The goal] is not to make money buying assets at cents on the dollar, it’s to pay $1 on $1 and get $1 back to the customers. If we were to get involved with Celsius, it would be the same.”
Reports that FTX had secured the winning bid for Voyager Digital’s assets first emerged on September 27, with the deal valued at $1.4 billion.

Little information was provided about the fate of Voyager customers and their crypto holdings, with the platform only mentioning that the FTX US platform “will enable customers to trade and store cryptocurrency following the conclusion of the company’s Chapter 11 proceedings.”

However, Celsius’ depositors appear to be in a worse state of limbo at this stage, although there is a general feeling that the firm may look to auction off its billions of dollars worth of assets, although other plans may be moved, such as e.g. customer refund in Celsius (CEL) tokens.

Source: CoinTelegraph