In this week’s newsletter, read about how Sony Music Entertainment is ready to venture into non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Find out how the automaker Ford is on its way into the Metaverse and how coffee chain Starbucks plans to launch NFT rewards through a program called Starbucks Odyssey.

In other news, learn how the Japanese government is using NFTs to reward public officials who have excelled in using digital technology to provide local solutions. And don’t forget this week’s Nifty News report that focuses on a minor league baseball card featuring Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Sony Music File Branding App for NFT Certified Music
Sony Music Entertainment demonstrated its interest in NFTs by applying for trademarks covering music and artists under Columbia Records, a Sony Music owned label. Trademark attorney Mike Kondodis announced that the app covers both audio and video recordings that feature live performances.

According to Kondoudis, the company plans to use the brand for NFT-backed media, music production, podcasts, artist management, and music distribution services. Apart from this, the app also includes marketing, advertising, and distribution for podcasts, audio and video recordings.

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Ford is preparing to enter the Metaverse with virtual cars and NFTs
Automobile manufacturer Ford Motor Company is making preparations for Metaverse and NFT models. The auto company filed 19 major brand applications across its auto brands. The applications cover many products such as Mustang, Escape, Expedition and F-150 Lightning.

The company also plans to create downloadable digital goods such as vehicle parts. Regardless of this, the car manufacturer has shown that it may plan to create a market of multiple NFTs and digital collectibles.

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Starbucks announces new NFT experience for coffee members
The coffee chain Starbucks said it will offer its members in the United States the opportunity to purchase and earn digital stamps NFTs through Starbucks Odyssey. Stamps will give them access to unique experiences as they collect more points.

Rewards can range from receiving a virtual coffee-making class to access to exclusive Starbucks events such as trips to the company’s coffee farm in Costa Rica. NFTs can be earned by playing coffee-themed games or accepting challenges at Starbucks Odyssey, which will launch later in 2022.

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The Japanese government issues NFTs to reward the work of local authorities
Apart from corporations, governments are also jumping into NFTs. To express its appreciation for the work of its public servants, the Japanese government issued NFTs as a reward to the seven mayors who were honored at the Summer Digi Denkoshien 2022 Gala.

The rewards were given to those who excelled in using digital technology to provide solutions to local problems, such as proposing the use of electric cars for delivery and a platform that uses cameras on mobile devices to track traffic changes.

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Nifty News: Shitposters set to get $DRAMA rewards, Zuck mini-league card code and more…
A minor league baseball card for Meta President Mark Zuckerberg is set to be auctioned off through a digital collectibles platform. The card shows eight-year-old Zuckerberg in a baseball uniform holding a baseball bat. While the card does feature a Meta CEO, the auction isn’t sanctioned by Zuckerberg.

Meanwhile, luxury car maker Lamborghini is rolling out a second batch of NFTs that offer some benefits to collectors. Those who are able to collect three NFT classes of Ordinary level this month will be able to reach a rare drop before other users.

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Source: CoinTelegraph