An upcoming blockchain game has revealed when it will launch.

Reta Wars will be available to players starting October 3, and the project says it’s determined to usher in a new era of GameFi.

It is an NFT-powered “war to win” strategy game, where two decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) strategically compete for revenue.

The game involves the use of NFT heroes to grow territory, come up with compelling strategies with other players, and lead your faction to victory.

Each NFT hero will have the ability to produce resources on demand or fight enemies in battle, and they’ll be a crucial component of the cleverly named “Retaverse.”

The release of Reta Wars will be preceded by a pre-open sale on NFT Heroes, which will be sold at reduced prices for one week starting on September 26.

Great achievements
Those behind Reta Wars say they’ve taken great care to build a sustainable ecosystem, a marked departure from previous play-to-win games that had unsustainable tokenomics.

Reta Wars has been put to the test during a beta stage, which achieved a retention rate of over 60%. Furthermore, approximately 80% of the participants had positive comments about the game.

Based in Seoul, Korea, one of the centers of gaming excellence, Reta Wars plans to make a splash at the Tokyo Game Show, which runs from September 15-18. This event has earned a reputation as one of the most famous, historic and influential gaming conferences in the world since its launch in 1996.

It partnered with YGG Japan, the country’s largest GameFi guild, to run a series of Reta Wars sessions and promotions, educating fans about the potential of the title.

The game will initially be available in Japanese, but support for other languages ​​will be revealed soon as Reta Wars begins to establish a global audience.

a lot of momentum
Reta Wars points to the high retention rates and overwhelmingly positive feedback as proof that the community will love their product.

In an announcement outlining the official launch plan, the project said: “Numerous GameFi projects are flooding this market, but we all know it’s still rare for them to be ‘finished’ with a convincing result. Especially in a cryptocurrency bear market like today, it’s even more difficult to complete a big project, but we had strong convictions and skills, and a clear vision.”

Developers continued to criticize projects that focused too much on pre-marketing instead of real results that benefit the people who matter most: the players themselves.

Backed by a strong governance system, the team behind Reta Wars say this game is just the beginning, and they plan to add even more games to the ecosystem over time.

Stakes, battle simulators, customizable skins, a bespoke marketplace, and an expansion plan are set to be unveiled later this year, meaning there will never be a shortage of new content and features for players.

Source: CoinTelegraph