A new survey shows that Bitcoin (BTC) investors in China are planning to buy the dip despite an ongoing market correction and a nationwide crypto ban.

The consensus sees Bitcoin at $10,000
A survey of 2,200 people conducted on China-based social media platform Weibo found that 8% would buy Bitcoin when its price reached $18,000, according to Wu Blockchain. While 26% of respondents prefer to wait for BTC to reach $15,000.

But the majority expected the price to drop 40% further, saying that they would buy BTC at $10,000.

Chinese investors are more cautious about Bitcoin than the US
Interestingly, another poll conducted by Bloomberg MLIV Pulse earlier in July yielded a similar result, with 60% of a net 950 respondents on Wall Street claiming $10,000 in bitcoin.

The two surveys show a striking similarity in the bearish sentiments of cryptocurrency speculators in the US and China. However, on-chain activity shows that US investors have been more bullish about Bitcoin versus their Asian counterparts since June 2022.

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In particular, Bitcoin’s month-to-month price change, which tracks the 30-day change in the regional BTC price, has only been positive during the US sessions. On the contrary, the gauge was only negative during Asian trading hours, data from Glassnode shows.

Bitcoin price change on a monthly basis. Source: Glassnode
Technical indicator hints that BTC price is below $13,000
At the same time, weak technical indicators are also starting to support more downside, especially on the larger three-day time frame.

Three-day price chart for BTC/USD featuring a “bear flag” setting. Source: TradingView
Bitcoin is forming a potential “bear flag” pattern that could lead to a drop below $13,000 by September, as shown above.

As Cointelegraph reported, BTC/USD’s macroeconomic headwinds continue to fuel bearish arguments against mounting evidence of a potential price bottom.

Source: CoinTelegraph