A new survey commissioned by blockchain entertainment company Coda Labs indicates that despite the huge amount of money in Web3 games, traditional gamers have not yet switched to crypto or non-fungible currencies (NFTs) and have little interest in Web3 games.

According to the survey, gamers have cited practical barriers as the main reason for staying away from Web3 games, as gamers often do not know how to operate and lack a blockchain wallet.

The survey found that only 12% of non-coding gamers had tried Web3 games, while only 15% of those who had not yet tried were interested in doing so in the future.

The survey indicated that play for profit (P2E) is the most popular term associated with Web3 games, and that cryptocurrency earnings are the most perceived benefit of playing them.

When these two factors are considered together, the results reinforce what many industry players have said recently – that players are more interested in playing a “fun game” than the tokens associated with many Web3 games.

Respondents’ perception of the main challenges related to Web3 games. Source: Coda Labs.
Survey data indicates that those who played Web3 games ended up being positive about them, with traditional gamers giving them a rating of 7.1 out of 10, while crypto-active gamers rated them at 8.3.

Speaking to Cointelegraph last week during Asia Crypto Week, the CEO of the Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance, Kevin Shaw, suggested that a focus on the P2E and NFT aspect of blockchain gaming might be what’s holding back mainstream adoption of GameFi.

Shaw believes that the release of “Triple-A” titles like Phantom Galaxies and Big Time could help shift the perspective of Web3 gamers away from P2E features and onto people who just want to play games for fun.

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The survey was conducted throughout June 2022 and saw responses from 6,921 people in five different countries.

To be eligible to participate in the survey, a respondent had to play video games at least twice per month and have used a crypto wallet, traded via a decentralized exchange, or traded NFT in the last 30 days.

The survey was conducted by the data creation platform WALR, which is a member organization of the Market Research Association and adheres to its ethical guidelines.

Source: CoinTelegraph