Paris Fashion Week 2022 consisted of 64 shows and 42 shows, many of which showcased the future of fashion. From the powder-coated dress that model Bella Hadid wore at the Coburn show to new looks made from recycled items, Paris Fashion Week has brilliantly defined the fashion trends for the upcoming seasons.

While most Fashion Week attendees and designers celebrated physical elements such as fashion shows and material design, a few creators used the power of Web3 to showcase the vast digital potential of fashion.

Web3 democratizes fashion
French designer Victor Vainsanto, who launched his brand in 2020 after working for two years with famed Jean Paul Gaultier, shed some light on this by telling Cointelegraph that virtual worlds allow creators to design without using actual fabrics and materials. “In a sense, this provides sustainability, although creating such clusters requires a lot of energy and time,” he said.

Veinsanto presented his first digital collection M3talove right after the fashion show, which took place on September 26 in the Marais district of Paris. Hall equipped with bright lights and DJ. This setup seemed appropriate because the group was a collaboration between Weinsanto and K-pop girl group Lightsum.

The “M3talove” group from Weinsanto and BNV. Source: BNV
Richard Hobbs, founder and CEO of Brand New Vision (BNV) – the Web3 platform behind M3talove – told Cointelegraph that the group was inspired by the possibility of merging K-pop culture with fashion.

“It was a collaborative experience where Victor pitched his concepts to each of the eight members of Lightsum, who then provided feedback and suggestions before BNV digitized the sketches along with the eight girls’ custom avatars.”
Vainsanto added that the M3talove group was one of the best ways to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to showcase the collaboration between music, Metaverse, and fashion. “I wanted the collection to be wearable while retaining details that would be impossible to revive.”

Going beyond realistic concepts is one of the most important features that Web3 mod offers. Noting that M3talove is an all-digital group, Hobbs noted that this allows for more creative concepts along with sustainability.

“The BNV business is a digital fad. If people can use more virtual products and express themselves in this world while spending less in the real world, that would probably be a good thing.” It releases up to 48,000 tons of CO2 in Atmosphere.

French luxury fashion house Balmain also showcased its presence on Web3 at this year’s Paris Fashion Week. Balmain has unveiled “Balmain Thread,” the brand’s XRP Ledger-based web hub designed to connect their community with NFT projects. Txampi Dees, head of marketing for Balmain, told Cointelegraph that Olivier Rousteing, who has been the home’s creative director since 2011, along with the entire Balmain team, was acutely aware of the need to democratize fashion. According to Des, this led to the creation of the Balmain Thread. He said:

“We emphasize the need to make fashion open, to democratize a previously closed world. We knew we had to present the Balmain theme during the annual Balmain Festival, a celebration that combines our Paris Fashion Week show with a one-of-a-kind concert broadcast on Balmain’s website. .com.

Crowds of people gather at “Mint The Moment” in Balmain during Paris Fashion Week. Source: Balmain
Dees explained that Balmain Festival attendees had the opportunity to join the Balmain Thread community when they got their tickets. He added that those who broadcast the festival live were given links to join “All evening festival goers are invited to join in with the launch of Moment, a MintNFT-powered mobile photography app that allows attendees to transform their favorite fashion moments at the Balmain Festival into their own unique moment. NFT.

Innovative, Des noted that the ultimate goal of Balmain Thread is to provide new forms of communication with the brand’s followers, as well as open access for those who have not previously attended Paris Fashion Week.

Source: CoinTelegraph