The cryptocurrency wallet provider has unveiled a new brand as part of its quest to provide a better user experience.

Founded in Singapore in 2018, SafePal offers secure and easy-to-use wallets to the masses. This is the first portfolio incubated and invested by Binance Labs, the investment arm of Binance.

Committed to making crypto security and simplicity accessible to all, SafePal has created end-to-end crypto asset management solutions including hardware wallets, mobile wallets, extension wallets, cross-chain exchanges, trading services and more. The business currently supports 48 blockchains and 15 languages, serving more than six million users around the world.

The new logo emphasizes the importance of safety and security, and the generic font can be used in multiple languages.

Layout and design changes have also been made and a new vibrant color palette has been added.

But most importantly, SafePal says the rebranding has not compromised its core values ​​and determination to create the “most secure and affordable crypto asset management platform.”

And all of this is happening as the company continues to introduce new products to give investors peace of mind when hoarding their crypto holdings, ensuring that users can find the perfect wallet that fits their individual needs.

Introducing the advanced SafePal wallet
In August, SafePal launched a complementary wallet as the latest tool to simplify capital management while helping users upgrade their crypto adventure.

The SafePal Wallet Add-on already supports over 30 EVM and non-EVM blockchains and allows customers to create or import multiple seed phrases and manage all of their wallets in one place.

Security is further enhanced by connecting the SafePal app and S1 hardware wallet with Air Gap to keep users’ keys encrypted on mobile or completely offline on the SafePal S1.

Also, users can constantly connect to DApps on different networks at the same time. Even if you switch to another wallet account, the DApp connection will also automatically redirect you to the new wallet. Integrated exchange and bridging services make it easy to transfer crypto from one blockchain to another.

From Arbitrum to Aurora, Celo to Cronos, Dash to Dogecoin, the secondary wallet provides coverage for a large portion of the crypto market — and one Google App Store reviewer said, “Definitely better than MetaMask!”

The support also extends beyond the cryptocurrencies themselves, where users can freely insert, send and receive non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Solana ecosystems.

SafePal CEO Veronica Wong told Cointelegraph: “The official launch of the new SafePal Expansion Wallet marks a new milestone for SafePal to become one of the few wallets to offer an integrated user experience with a full hardware wallet, mobile wallet, and expansion wallet packages. With an additional wallet we are changing the user experience. With Web3 in the browser.”

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“Create your crypto future”
The fast-growing team of developers, designers, and security engineers driving SafePal forward has been united by one vision: removing barriers for beginners and empowering everyone to own their own crypto future.

A tech veteran, Wong created SafePal with two co-founders in 2018. Together they initially focused on a hardware wallet, but soon expanded to create solutions accessible to techies and novices alike.

The company believes there is still a lot of work to be done for blockchain technology to reach its full potential and deliver on the promise of eliminating middlemen while improving security. SafePal emphasizes why their products matter: “The long learning curve, high-end and expensive tools. Add to that the risk of being hacked and it’s no surprise that most people stick with it.”

SafePal is designed to continue to evolve as more consumers discover what cryptocurrency has to offer, and newcomers will now be welcomed with a brand that exudes friendliness and credibility.

Source: CoinTelegraph