In the fourth episode of Market Talks, we welcome YouTube media creator and crypto guru Crypto Wendy O.

Wendy became interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in November 2017. She has been in the crypto space full-time since summer 2018 and is focused on providing transparent marketing and media solutions for blockchain companies globally. Wendy also offers free education via YouTube and Twitter to her growing audience of over 170,000, giving her the most followers of any crypto influencer in the world.

Some of the topics for discussion with Wendy are the new CPI numbers and how they could affect the crypto market in the future, and why there is so much uncertainty in the market right now.

As everyone is trying to figure out where the bottom of Bitcoin (BTC) might lie, we ask Wendy for her thoughts on the subject. We also discuss whether Ether (ETH) has outperformed BTC during this current bear market and what that might mean for the second largest cryptocurrency.

With more and more crypto platforms filing for bankruptcy, we’re talking about how long the crypto infection will last and the best way to protect your assets so you don’t lose your hard-earned money. Are hardware wallets a better option than holding cryptocurrencies on online exchanges?

Have you been wondering what makes a good investor and trader, and when to enter the market if you haven’t already? We ask Wendy for her insights and advice on how to improve your trading game and know when is the right time to enter the market.

Finally, we discussed whether owning diamond hands is always a good strategy or is it better to take profits consistently too? We had an insightful conversation about this and also allowed you to learn about cryptocurrencies that might be a good bet in the current market conditions.

Listen until you hear your own voice. We’ll take your questions and comments throughout the show, so make sure they’re ready to go.

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Source: CoinTelegraph